Healing Violence


Healing Violence Committee Mandate

Rooted in the words of our Mission Statement, i.e.

- in response to the needs of the times

- to empower others, especially the poor and oppressed, to achieve a quality of life in keeping with their human dignity

- through promotion of structures and relationships of equality and mutuality

We move to concrete action to eradicate violence, especially against women and children.

We aim to raise awareness, to change attitudes and to take action to promote healing at 3 levels: personal, congregational, and societal, through education, networking and bursaries.

Healing Violence Committee Members:

Barbara Baker (contact): barbarabaker@cogeco.ca
Sr. Catherine Casey
Sr. Marie Dundon
Sr. Peggy Flanagan
Carol Groten
Sr. Frances O’Brien
Sr. Margo Shafer

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Women Do Peace

by Louise Slobodian

Keynote speaker Erna Paris. Her address is available at ernaparis.com

You know about best-laid plans? After 10 years of holding great conferences, the Congregation’s Healing Violence Committee had sworn off them. But then, a great synergy happened. The committee held a meeting with the International Women’s Day reps in Kingston, and invited PeaceQuest to join in, and lo and behold … Women Do Peace emerged. And it was good.

Held on March 8, International Women’s Day, the conference was active, participatory and engaging.

Renowned author Erna Paris was the keynote speaker and she brought both breadth and depth to her presentation. Moving between the tragedy of the Aboriginal women forgotten on the Highway of Tears in British Columbia to the Syrian women caught in a deadly conflict, she spoke of what gives women the “agency” – the ability to act – and what blocks this from developing. Key are empowerment, education, supportive families, economic opportunity and learning empathy. View full article »

New Vision for the future

Submitted by healing violence committee

Members of the Healing Violence Committee, left to right, standing: Catherine Casey sp, Peggy Flanagan sp, Margo Shafer sp, Carol Groten pa, Barbara Baker pa (contact)
left to right, seated: Marie Dundon sp, Council Liaison Frances O’Brien sp.

On October 11, 2011 members of the Healing Violence Committee met at Marillac Villa to reflect upon our 1994 mandate, and upon a new direction to which our Provident God is calling us at this time in our history.
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Change Makers

By Christine Ross

The Sisters of Providence are being celebrated as ‘Change Makers’— females who have made a difference. View full article »

by Christine Ross

Canada’s leading expert in cyber safety told a Kingston audience that anyone can be a victim of internet crime.

Rob Nickel, a former 14-year police veteran of the Ontario Provincial Police, who spent years working undercover with pedophiles, now travels across the world speaking to students and parents to raise awareness. His crusade has landed him guest appearances on both Oprah and Dr. Phil television shows. View full article »

The original committee was called Healing Violence Against Women. Our mandate to provide a major conference every two years over a period of ten years has been copmleted. These conferences, and the smaller workshops we arranged, were well attended. View full article »

By Sr. Peggy Flanagan

The rapid rate of technological changes, a part of the society in which we live, leaves many of us feeling a bit dizzy and unable to keep up with the latest innovations.

Change is inevitable, a law of life, as we all know. View full article »

Responding to the Call

by Sr. Peggy Flanagan

The original committee, which resulted from the fourth directional statement of Chapter/94, was called Healing Violence Against Women. Our mandate to provide a major conference every two years on some aspect of Healing Violence over a period of ten years has been completed. These conferences, and smaller workshops were well attended. Awareness of the issues was raised as well as attitudes and actions taken to promote prevention and healing. View full article »

Eye witness to war

Sally Armstrong has been nicknamed Afghan Sally and the Crusading Journalist. The Amnesty International award winner and documentary filmmaker gave the keynote address at this year’s conference sponsored by the Healing Violence Against Women Committee of the Sisters of Providence. View full article »