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Our growth as Sisters of Providence is a lifelong process by which we strive for an ever-deepening response to the grace of our vocation. As we grow in awareness of our call to religious life, we are challenged to take personal responsibility for integrating our physical, emotional and spiritual growth, while balancing prayer, exercise, rest, play, and work in a ministry that reflects our qualifications and aptitudes.

Sister Monica Laton reflects.

Sister Monica Laton of the Sisters of Providence of St. Vincent de Paul
 quietly reflects on the presence of Christ following the reception of Communion.

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If you are a woman searching to respond to this call through a life of prayer, community and service as a Sister of Providence of St. Vincent de Paul, please view the Vocations brochure by clicking on the link below.

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Vocations Brochure

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A favourite question people have for a Sister is, “Why did you become a nun?” For many years I would go blank when anyone asked me that. I didn’t know how to answer.
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When I think of my call to religious life, I must admit that the process I went through to make my decision falls far short of the standards for discernment that we know today. Nevertheless, Providence was undergirding all the mundane experiences in my decision to join the Sisters of Providence of St. Vincent de Paul in 1964. The years have continually confirmed that choice.
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I grew up on a farm in southern Saskatchewan in a family of eleven children. Prayers were an important part of our daily lives. Sunday Mass, the rosary, prayers at meals and even the Way of the Cross during Lent were a regular thing.
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During a trip to Peru in January 2012, Sisters Gayle Desarmia and Frances O’Brien met with students who are being supported in their education by the Marillac Mission fund.

By Sister Barbara Thiffault

Vocations in the Year of Faith
In this Year of Faith we are reminded of our call to be witnesses to Christ in the world. All who are baptized have a vocation. Through our vocation ministry we are aware of the universal call to holiness and the call to grow in our faith.
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Vocations Fair 2012 Click to view Photo Gallery

Sisters of Providence and Providence Associates participated in a Vocations Fair at Our Lady of Lourdes Parish April 21-22. The weekend event was a huge success with close to 25 exhibits highlighting opportunities in Ministry now and for the future.

Representatives from the Kingston, Pembroke and Toronto dioceses demonstrated the many exciting ways that the Baptismal call is lived out in the Church today.
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by Sisters Barbara Thiffault and Lucy Kearney

Vocation Culture
Over the centuries people who have truly pursued their dreams have also found that the discovery of that dream is hinged upon hearing the dream that God has for us that is the way we carry out our baptismal call. A culture that believes and supports the discovery of these dreams is what we call a vocation culture. Vocation culture highlights all five vocations in an attempt to give people opportunities to explore and view each vocation as a possible dream that God may have for them. Visit www.vocationculture.ca
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Vocation / Formation News

There is surely a future hope for you,
and your hope will not be cut off.

— Proverbs 23:18


During the last several months we have been in contact with a mature young woman from Kitchener, Ontario who, after doing a search on the internet, has expressed an interest in our Congregation. At her request, she spent two days, June 11 and 12, at the Motherhouse meeting with Sisters Nancy Wilson, Lucy Kearney and Barbara Thiffault because she felt attracted to our charism and ministries. Because she is discerning a possible call to religious life, she wanted to meet our Sisters to gain more insight into our lived experience. Since her visit in June, she has continued to remain in contact with us on a regular basis. At the present time she is seriously continuing her discernment with the help of a spiritual director. Let us pray for this gifted and highly educated woman who is attracted to ministering to the marginalized of our society.
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Sister Barbara Thiffault stands beside the display board at the youth conferenece at Holy Cross.

left to right: Sisters Sheila Boase, RHSJ, Lucy Kearney, SP, Barbara Thiffault, SP and Barbara Prior, CND.

by Sister Lucy Kearney

National Association of Vocation Formation Directors (NAVFD) Conference, Toronto, March 2010. View full article »