Heirloom Seed Sanctuary Workshops, Seasonal Celebrations
and Events for 2014

Events Location: Heirloom Seed Sanctuary Barn, 1200 Princess St in Kingston (unless otherwise noted)

All are welcome to the free workshops, events and seasonal celebrations held at 1200 Princess St.. Events held at other locations may include a cost so please check the links for full details.

NOTE: Workshops will NOT be held monthly this year but instead will be slightly longer workshops held every other month, on a Wednesday evening.
Nov. 19, 7-9 pm Saving your own seeds – Part 5: Sorting and storing
Dec. 21, 1 pm Winter Solstice celebration (weather permitting)

Reasons to engage in saving seeds include: connection with the earth and mystery of creation, historical value, adaptability and diversity, taste and nutrition and more! Volunteering opportunities are available at this event (*)
Donations are always accepted and support our work.
Contact Cate Henderson or Mike Hammond for more details!