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We honour the priority of our waiting lists. If you must cancel please call early.

Refunds, excluding deposits, are provided only when cancellation notice is received two weeks prior to the date of the event.

Retreats are a time for persons of all walks of life to come away from ordinary daily activities in order to rest, pray and reflect in an atmosphere of silence.

Directed Retreats provide an opportunity for daily one-on-one spiritual direction. Individuals unable to make a longer directed retreat are welcome to come for a shorter period.

Guided Retreats are presented in a group setting by a facilitator(s) who gives daily presentations, offering themes and/or Scripture passages for prayer and reflection. Retreatants come together daily to share the fruits of their prayer and reflection.

Preached Retreats are also presented in a group setting by a director who gives one or two talks a day, suggesting themes and/or Scripture passages for prayer and reflection. Retreatants may have the opportunity to meet individually with the director during the retreat.

Private Retreats may be planned and arranged by the individual, and made with or without one-on-one spiritual direction. Most private retreats at the Centre are arranged during regularly scheduled retreats and according to retreat rates.

Requests for Private Directed Retreats outside of regularly scheduled retreat times should be made at least one month prior and will depend upon the availability of a team member.


January 2015

January Preached Retreat :
“How we live the Reign of God today”

Mon Jan 26, 4PM – Sat Jan 31, 1 PM
Register by Mon Jan 12 ** $360
Fr. Eugene O’Reilly, C.Ss.R.

Jesus proclaimed the Reign of God not the Kingdom of Heaven. The Beatitudes are the foundation of this Reign.

Father O’Reilly was born in Monoghan, Ireland in 1944. He came to Canada with his family and later joined the Redemptorists. Upon graduating with a B.A. from the University of Windsor, he pursued his theological studies in France and Montreal and was ordained in 1972. His Ministries have included: Vocation Director for his congregation, Pastor of a large parish in St. John’s, Newfoundland and since 1983 he has preached Missions and retreats to parishes, teachers, school boards, clergy and Religious throughout Canada and the United States. He has a particular interest in music, and has composed a number of religious songs. Some of his music is in the Catholic Book of Worship and the Grade four and five Religion Programme in Canada. He has teamed up with other Redemptorists, and together they have produced four recordings.

March 2015

Lenten Guided Retreat :
“The Look and Feel of Lent”

Fri Mar 13, 7 PM – Sun Mar 15, 1 PM
Register by Fri Feb 27 * $ 165
Fr. Trevor Scott, SJ

Every year at the coming of the Lenten Season our lives take on a special look and feel. Particularly in Canada, we find ourselves waiting for the brightness and warmth of spring after long, dark, cold winters. In the knowledge of the coming of spring we become filled with new hopes and new joys as we begin to see and feel the coming of new life. Lent, in companionship with the coming of spring, reveals signs of this new life that is soon to arrive… culminating in the resurrected life of Jesus Christ at Easter. To help us grow in this hopeful spirit of new life into which Lent invites us, this weekend retreat will be one of imaginative meditation upon the creative and spiritual images of new life that are all around us at this special time of year, as revealed in art and in the Lenten scriptural readings.

Trevor Scott is a recently ordained Jesuit priest. Residing in Halifax, N.S., Trevor works with the Jesuit Centre of Spirituality creating and conducting Ignatian retreats and spirituality workshops for the Maritime region of Canada. Trevor is a graduate of Regis College in Toronto, ON, with a Master of Divinity (M.Div) and Master of Theology (ThM) degrees, as well as a Licentiate in Sacred Theology (S.T.L.).

Lent Directed Retreat Weekend
Fri Mar 13, 7 PM – Sun Mar 15, 1 PM
Register by Fri Feb 27 * $ 150
PSC Team

Holy Week Directed Retreat
Sun Mar 29, 4 PM – Sun Apr 5, 1PM ** $495
Thu Apr 2, 2 PM – Sun Apr 5, 1PM ** $225
Register by Mon Mar 16
PSC Team

June 2015

June Directed Retreat
Wed Jun 17, 4 PM – Wed Jun 24, 1 PM
Register by Wed Jun 3 ** $495 or $75/day
PSC Team

July 2015

July Guided Retreat :
“The Grace of Acceptance”

Wed Jul 8, 4 PM – Wed Jul 15, 1 PM
Register by Wed Jun 24 ** $525
Jan Novotka

The Grace of Acceptance is a silent retreat that invites us to acknowledge and embrace the things in our lives which we are having a hard time embracing. When we come to “accept what is as it is” a deep peace comes over us. It is as if we let go of our need to change things, fix things, avoid things and our demand that life unfolds according to “our plans”. This surrendering to “Life” as it is in this moment is actually a way of entering into union with each moment and with God, bringing not only peace but a sense of well being at the deepest level. Integral to this retreat is input, experiential opportunities, group sharing, time for personal reflection, and plenty of singing.

Jan Novotka is an internationally known retreat facilitator, song writer, and a sought out liturgist for her gift of creating a more contemplative approach for assemblies, congregational chapters, and other spiritual and/or Earth focused gatherings. She is committed to the evolutionary shift occurring at the level of consciousness. Jan holds a masters degree in Religious Education from Fordham University, is certified in Earth Literacy, and is an organic gardener.

July Directed Retreat
Wed Jul 8, 4 PM – Wed Jul 15, 1 PM
Register by Wed Jun 24 ** $495 or $75/day
PSC Team

August 2015

FULL: WAITING LIST! August Guided Retreat:
“ARE YOU IN THE RIGHT PLACE? Attitudes of being that might recreate you and the world around you”

Wed Aug 5, 4 PM – Wed Aug 12, 1 PM
Register by Wed Jul 22 ** $525
Fr. Philip Chircop, SJ

Some scripture scholars seem to suggest that the original language of the beatitudes should not be rendered as “blessed”. Greater precision in translation would say, “You are in the right place if …” In this sense, the beatitudes are not a spirituality but a geography. This retreat will propose fresh standpoints, places from where we can perhaps look at life and reality through a different lens, engaging a process of radical transformation in the process.

Philip Chircop is a Jesuit priest born on the Mediterranean Island of Malta. He has advanced degrees in Pastoral Theology, Communications and Spirituality. He has worked in high school, university and parish settings. More recently he has been mainly involved in retreat work and spiritual direction.

FULL: WAITING LIST! August Directed Retreat
Wed Aug 5, 4 PM – Wed Aug 12, 1 PM
Register by Wed Jul 22 ** $495 or $75/day
PSC Team

October 2015

Overnight Retreat:
“Living with a Grateful Heart: A Thanksgiving Retreat”

Fri. Oct 9, 4 PM – Sat. Oct 10, 4 PM
Register by Fri Sep 25 * $75
Bill Gervais

The aim of this overnight retreat offered on the eve of Thanksgiving is that you will come away with a joyful heart, ready to grow closer to God and eager to celebrate all His abundant gifts. Through prayerful reflection, meditation and dialogue participants will be invited to adopt a spirituality of gratitude which leads to an awareness that grace abounds everywhere, even in the midst of our personal hurdles.

October Directed Retreat
Wed Oct 21, 4 PM – Wed Oct 28, 1 PM
Register by Wed Oct 7 ** $495 or $75/day
Fr. J. Roy Boucher, OMI & PSC Team

J. Roy Boucher, OMI … Founder and First Director of Galilee Renewal Centre, Roy is an Oblate of Mary Immaculate with over 40 years of experience in spiritual animation and religious formation, group process facilitation, and retreat/renewal ministry. After serving as Provincial Leader of his OMI Province, Roy worked in mission education in hospitals in Hamilton and Sudbury. During these years in health care, he represented the OCCB on the Government of Ontario Multi Faith Council. Currently, he resides in Arnprior and continues his ministry in spiritual accompaniment of individuals and groups.