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Marillac Mission Fund supports those most in need in Peru. This fund, first started by the Sisters of Providence in 1978, supports many projects that improve the lives of Peruvians, including education, mental health services, lay Associate program and other various projects including building projects, public health and food.

The original four Sisters of Providence missioned to Peru were Sr. Shirley Morris, Sr. Rita Moran, Sr. Josephine Doiron and Sr. Rose Healy. The date was December, 1967.

Religious congregations established international missions in response to a request from Rome after Vatican II. The Sisters of Providence wasted no time picking up the challenge and began the north-south connections. They established the Marillac Mission Fund in 1978. Together, the Peruvian and Canadian Sisters worked toward real change in this forgotten corner of the world. It hasn’t been an easy journey these past four and a half decades. Like the residents, the Sisters live in a heavily polluted area. The hot and mountainous terrain is unforgiving. But they forge ahead, serving those most in need.

Sister Rose Healy spent 38 years ministering in Peru, returning to Kingston from 1985 to 1990 to serve on Council. She wrote this reflection in 2011.

“In 1967, four Sisters of Providence were missioned to Peru. They settled in a very poor area on the outskirts of Lima. Peruvian society is deeply divided between rich and poor and along racist themes. Injustice and corruption are rampant. Peru suffered decades of violence during which thousands were killed, hundreds buried in unmarked graves and property destroyed. The Sisters have dedicated time and effort to Christian formation. The Marillac Mission Fund helps to finance the health ministry and dedicates considerable fund to post secondary education. In keeping with the trends in Canada, we have established a program for lay Associates. One Canadian Sr. Rose Marie Bokenfohr remains accompanied by Peruvian Sr. Sara Jiménez. A second parish has been formed in the country area where Sr. Sara works.”

Sr. Rose Marie Bokenfohr, a nurse, has worked in public health in Peru for 43 years. In recent years, she has operated a mental health clinic.

“How can a nurse best give service that will help bring life and meaning to the good news of Jesus in an area of poverty on the outskirts of Lima? Throughout these many years, the emphasis has been on service to those most in need, respecting their dignity as children of a loving God.”

Sisters who have ministered in Peru since 1967
Sister Josephine Doiron
Sister Rose Healy
Sister Rita Moran
Sister Shirley Morris
Sister Rose Marie Bokenfohr
Sister Irene MacDonnell
Sister Theresa Moher
Sister Jean Higgins
Sister Sara Jimenez
Sister Patricia Marques Sanchez
Sister Maria Mercedes Chinchay Luca

Sr. Rose-Marie Bokenfohr (back, right) with some of the students supported by the Marillac Mission Fund. Betty Florian (centre front) gathers the students for monthly reflection sessions on values.

by Sister Gayle Desarmia

The Marillac Mission Fund, a registered charity, supports the mission work of the Sisters of Providence of St. Vincent de Paul who are currently in Peru (El Progresso, Carabayllo). It was established in 1978.

  • Daniel finishes soon with his title and a job offer. His costs for materials, fees, bus fare and lunch is 250 Soles a month.

Currently 21 students are being assisted. When a student receives assistance, that help continues until the student completes their program of study. In that way, they can count on finishing. The Peruvian currency is the Nuevo Sol (S/. ), and $10 Candian is about S/. 25-30. Students receive from 100-1,000 Soles in support.

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