Providence Associates AGM/AGEM 2019

The April 2019 AGM/AGEM for the Providence Associates was one of transformation. The weekend went amazingly well. Through the prayerful guidance and facilitation of Alice Gazeley CND Associate, we worked very hard and elected a new Providence Associate Committee who will be working with the Director, Barbara Baker and Council Liaison, Sister Gayle Desarmia for the next three years.

The members are (from left) Eleanor Casey, Carol Groten, Valerie Kelly, Regina Lannon, Debbie Muise,  and Debra Wade.

The remainder of the weekend was spent in many different configurations working on the re-drafting of our Providence Associate manual. The writing team of Regina Lannon, Ann Boniferro and Valerie Kelly are meeting and doing great work for us. They will bring the sum of their work to our gathering in October of this year so we can look it over, make any changes we think necessary and ratify the new document. We are moving one step closer to being on our own. Sister Gayle Desarmia and Sister Frances O’Brien supported us in the process by their presence. We are deeply grateful to all Sisters of Providence of St. Vincent de Paul for all they have given to us.