Jubilarians Share Journey

The results are stupendous!
Sister Mary Fitzpatrick 70 years

One of God’s greatest gifts in my life has been the many wonderful people, lay and religious, that I have met, worked and live with, to this day. The changes in religious life since Vatican ll have been an energizing and a growing time for me. Truly, the Lord has been good to me!
Sister Anne Hudec 60 years

Over the years, the people were always very nice to me. I miss Sr. Marie Dumont. We traveled to Kingston on the train together from the West. Sr. Mary Fidelis was a wonderful companion to me in Moose Jaw when I was working there and she still is a wonderful companion to me today.
Sister Jean Edey 60 years

Every day of these 60 years I thank God for the wonderful gift of my religious vocation.
Sister Mary Mona 60 years

God has blessed me with a long and active life for which I am very grateful. There have been many challenges and blessings, all sources of growth and greater awareness of God’s presence in my life. My mission experience, students, my association with the Sisters and the laity have given me inspiration. Deo Gratias!
Sister Margaret McCallion 60 years

These 60 years have been grace-filled. God has engraved on my heart and soul a passion and dedication for ministry in health care and has continued to bless me with enthusiasm for all the work God has invited me to do. I thank God and all my Sisters for the rich feast I found in my vocation.
Sister Elaine Jacob 60 years 

It doesn’t seem possible that fifty years have gone by since I came to Heathfield to start the journey to become a Sister of Providence. I am grateful to God and to all the helping hands along the way to this blessed time of Jubilee.
Sister Mary Fidelis 50 years 

Religious life has been for me a source of endless blessings. The one that I reflect on most often is being able to live with people whose values are similar and who are engaged in the same enterprise. Their support is priceless!
Sister Kay Morrell 50 years 

A time to reflect on the past and to cherish memories. A time to be grateful to our loving and faithful God, to friends who have inspired and challenged me, to family who gave me life and loved me into being. Let us rejoice and be very glad.
Sister Catherine Cannon 50 years 

I am grateful for God’s presence in my life; the love and support of family and community.Various ministry locations have been enriching learning experiences, deepening my awareness of God’s manifestation in people around me and throughout the world.
Sister Sheila Way 50 years 

In a spirit of gratitude — I thank God for faith instilled by parents and family; opportunities of trusting in Providence as teacher, advocate, and mentor; witness of compassionate love of Sister companions and co-workers with whom I ministered.
Sister Lucy Kearney 50 years 

Thank you to the members of my congregation for all that I have received during these past 25 years. I could never have imagined my life to be what it is today. To all who have touched my life and who are now a part of me. Thank you! May the Lord continue to bless us with His generous and extravagant Self.
Sister Monica Whalen 25 years