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Providence Pages showcases the mission of the Sisters of Providence of St. Vincent de Paul, a congregation of Catholic religious women based out of Kingston, Ontario. It comes out three times a year. CLICK THE IMAGE to read online. Or, download here.

In this issue:
  • St. Vincent de Paul Hospital in Brockville was transferred to the Marguerita Residence Corporation.
  • History of the St. Vincent de Paul Hospital in Brockville.
  • Teaching during COVID-19 in Peru.
  • Associates plan for autonomous future.
  • Providence Event 2021
  • Justice, Peace, and Integrity of Creation News
  • and more!


2021 Issues

Providence Pages Spring 2021
Spring 2021 Providence Pages

St. Vincent de Paul Hospital in Brockville transferred.

2020 Issues

Providence Pages Summer 2020
Summer 2020 Providence Pages

Easter décor for Triduum liturgies at the Mary, Mother of Compassion chapel.

2019 Issues

Providence Pages Fall 2019
Fall 2019 Providence Pages

Providence Motherhouse has new owners.

Providence Pages Summer 2019
Summer 2019 Providence Pages

Jubilarians celebrate 331 years of religious service.

Providence Pages Spring 2019
Spring 2019 Providence Pages

Canadian Providence Associate connecting with Peru.

2018 Issues

Providence Pages Fall 2018
Fall 2018 Providence Pages

Two volumes of the Heritage Edition of The Saint John's Bible visit Providence Motherhouse

Providence Pages Summer 2018
Summer 2018 Providence Pages

Commemorating 20 years of Healing Violence.

Providence Pages Spring 2018
Spring 2018 Providence Pages

The 50th anniversary of the Sisters in Peru.

2017 Issues

Providence Pages Winter 2017
Winter 2017 Providence Pages

Catherine McKinley chronicles the development and growth of the congregation in its foundational years.

Providence Pages Summer 2017
Summer 2017 Providence Pages

Jubilation for the Jubilarians for over 370 years of combined religious life!


2016 Issues

Fall 2016 Providence Pages
Fall 2016 Providence Pages

A transformation in the works in this issue.

Summer 2016 Providence Pages
Summer 2016 Providence Pages

Milestones and  music are the hallmarks of this issue.

Spring 2016 Providence Pages
Spring 2016 Providence Pages

There are changes coming to the Sisters of Providence and their ministries. Those changes are reflected in these articles.

2015 Issues

December 2015 Providence Pages
December 2015 Providence Pages

This issue covers a fair bit of ground and you’ll want to flip through to see the breadth.

Summer 2015 Providence Pages
Summer 2015 Providence Pages

This spring, the Sisters held their Chapter meetings, as they do every four years. This issue of Pages covers that ground thoroughly from leadership to mission to reflections to decisions. The Providence Associate meetings are covered as well.

Verge of Spring 2015 Providence Pages
Verge of Spring 2015 Providence Pages

The 30th anniversary of the Providence Associates; a review of their two-year formation process; and an introduction of the six newest Associates.

2014 Issues

Fall 2014 Providence Pages
Fall 2014 Providence Pages

The installation of a peace pole at the Motherhouse; and an essential question of peace: what is truth?

Summer 2014 Providence Pages
Summer 2014 Providence Pages

The Summer edition of Providence Pages is released with the Jubilee celebrations of Sisters with 50, 60 and 70 years in the Congregation.

Spring 2014 Providence Pages
Spring 2014 Providence Pages

Women Do Peace, Home Children, the Montreal founders of the congregation and much more.

2013 Issues

providence pages spring 2013

providence pages fall 2013

2012 Issues

providence pages winter 2012

providence pages spring 2012

providence pages fall 2012

2011 Issues

provdence pages fall 2011

providence pages commemorative edition 2011

2010 Issues

providence pages winter 2010

providence pages summer 2010

providence pages fall 2010

2009 Issues

providence pages winter 2009

providence pages spring 2009

providence pages fall 2009

2008 Issues

providence pages winter 2008

providence pages summer 2008

providence pages fall 2008

2007 Issues

providence pages winter 2007

providence pages summer 2007

providence pages fall 2007

2006 Issues

Providence pages winter 2006

providence pages summer 2006

povidence pages fall 2006

2005 Issues

providence pages spring 2005

providence pages fall 2005


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