Summer 2016 Providence Pages

Providence Pages Summer 2016 newsletter coverIn this issue:

Milestones and  music are the hallmarks of this issue.

You will find:

  • Our 2016 Jubilarians who celebrate 50, 60 and 70 years of religious life
  • And Sister Anna Moran who turned 100 in June
  • How Sister Marie Dundon emphasized peace in her meditation series
  • A resource for teachers on children and art:
  • A follow-up to our efforts to address violence through conferences and bursaries
  • How students put their faith in action in homage to the Congregation in May
  • Climate change activity provincially and federally
  • The link to the prison farm survey that we currently open and that we support
  • A whole series of articles related to the longstanding music ministry of the Sisters of Providence
    • How our previous choir director was remembered this summer
    • Even as we welcome a new choir director
    • An organ tour of Kingston that visited the Motherhouse Chapel
    • Which is in keeping with a newly-established organ scholarship
    • A new home for unused instruments
    • And a terrific look at how teaching music has been a mainstay of ministry and missions
  • The obituary of Sister Stella Szybisty
  • Spirituality series and retreats for September, October and November on mystery, hope and connection. In fact, see the Providence Spirituality Centre's  whole new program full of possibilities
  • Sister Jeannette Filthaut's class at Changing Together
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