Providence Village launches website


A new logo, website, enewsletter to share the unfolding story of Providence Village

 A village is more than its buildings and grounds. Much more. People, their relationships, and how they care for one another is what makes for community life. Our stories shape and connect us. Our stories make sense of the life we share.

Providence Village is in the early stages of coming to life. As the Sisters of Providence of St. Vincent de Paul bring their ministry to completion while at once fostering the birth of Providence Village, the stories of what was, what is, and what is becoming are weaving together in rich ways.

With this in mind, Providence Village is stepping into a groundbreaking approach to sharing and discovering its story on a regular basis. 

Partnering with Axiom News, Providence Village has launched and will publish regularly. Stories will be shared through social media and an e-mail newsletter.

As story lines develop, writers will connect with community partners to understand and offer to story their connection with the village. will also post stories about important local issues related to Providence Village intentions. Themes like supportive and affordable housing, hospice, mental health and addictions will be cultivated.

In this way the spirit of community will be fostered online as Providence Village takes physical form. Anyone interested and involved can easily stay up to date as things evolve.

The approach is a new one for Providence Village and its board, as its members are more familiar with newspapers, media releases and other traditional, printed forms of communication.

Ruth Gruer, administrator and director of human resources for the Sisters of Providence and executive director of Providence Village Inc., feels it is a next generation communications style.

The nimbleness that comes with publishing stories on an ongoing basis, along with rich social media engagement, is liberating and exciting. Ruth expects the approach will better represent the whole story.

Ruth says the Axiom News approach to authentic story development resonated with her, the Sisters, and the Providence Village board of directors.

Ruth says Axiom understood both the vision of the Sisters and the objectives for Providence Village. From there, a trust was formed.

“They listened very well and offered exactly what we were looking for,” she says.

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