Home Children Profiles

Three home children, who were received by the Sisters of Providence and placed with guardians, returned to the House of Providence as adults. Matilda Marsh, Lillian Blanchfield and Marjorie Wherry entered the congregation and lived out their lives as Sister Mary George, Sister Mary Angelica and Sister Mary Benita respectively.

Matilda Marsh

Matilda Marsh was born in England on August 1, 1878 to John Marsh and Mary Gilbert. She was brought to Canada by Mrs. Lacy of the Catholic Children’s Protection Society of Liverpool. They  arrived in Kingston on May 22, 1888., the day after arriving in Quebec City aboard the steamship Polynesian.

Lillian Blanchfield

Lillian Blanchfield, her two sisters, and two brothers arrived at the House of Providence in 1889. They were all placed with separate guardians. Lilian was placed with Mr. J. Black in Hastings and was adopted and given the name Veronica Black. She remained close with her adoptive family until her death. In 1898 she entered the Sisters of Providence as a Tertiary and as a member of the congregation in 1907. She reconnected with her biological siblings as an adult.

Marjorie Wherry

Marjorie Wherry and her sister Bridget were brought to the House of Providence in Kingston by Mrs. Lacey in May 1891. After 10 years of living with various guardians she returned to the House of Providence as an adult. Marjorie  spent 62 years in the congregation, 7 as a tertiary and 55 as a Sister of Providence.