Sister Mary of the Immaculate Conception O’Dea

Ellen O'Dea
1854 - 1942

On May 27, 1942, Sister Mary Immaculate (Ellen O’Dea) was called to her eternal home at the House of Providence, Kingston.

She had the distinction of being the senior member of the Community for several years, but had lost nothing of her youthful faculties with the years. Her memories reached back to the pioneer days of the House of Providence.

She spent some time at the missions of Perth, and Belleville. As a young Sister, she was attached to the first foundation of the Sisters of Providence in Holyoke, Mass.

In these missions she devoted her musical talents to the interests and advantage of the Community.

In 1937 Sister celebrated her Diamond Jubilee. What a glorious record! Her years to be counted not only in silver and gold but even in diamonds for eternity.