Healing Violence – Bursary for Women

This committee of Sisters and Associates was founded in 1998 and had been working together since that time to address – to heal – the many ways violence is expressed in our society. In addition to conferences and facilitation work, the Healing Violence Committee walked the talk through bursaries to women in need. Since 2001, this assistance has been available to help women upgrade their work or life skills.

Each year the Healing Violence Committee of the Sisters of Providence awards a bursary totaling $20,000 to women in need.

This support is for women:

  • Coming through the violence cycle who are committed to working in the field;
  • Already engaged in grassroots work who need training;
  • Who need counseling for healing and moving on;
  • With the potential to empower others.

The bursary is awarded with a maximum of $3000 available to each applicant depending on the number of applicants and their needs. In this way the committee hopes to empower women, especially those who are most vulnerable, to achieve a quality of life in keeping with their human dignity.

In reviewing six of last year’s renewing applicants it was noted that they had used their funding primarily for counselling/therapy to help them recover from situations of abuse. Each makes the point that they could not have afforded sustained therapeutic support without the bursary. Being able to move forward with their lives following episodes of violence, trauma, PTSD, and addiction were the main benefits for each of these recipients.

Other recipients described themselves as being able to receive specialized training in the form of courses and/or programs of study. These were often geared not just towards their own advancement but would also provide them with the qualifications to help others who experienced similar circumstances. This implies a form of “paying forward” in that not just those who are needy today are being helped in significant ways, but that future victims of violence will also be supported as a result of these bursaries.

How to apply

Bursaries are often recommended by a sponsor, who nominates a woman who will benefit. Applicant and sponsor forms are available from:

Sister Diane Brennen
613-544-4525 x103

Application deadline: March 31st of each year