Heating Homes – Saving The Planet


The inability to pay for utility costs is the second highest reason for homelessness. This is why Sisters of Providence are members of the steering committee with the Low Income Energy Network (LIEN) in Toronto. Together we have been working with the provincial government to develop strategies that assist low income individuals and families dealing with the rising costs of energy.

It is a sad reality that in a country as rich as Canada there are people who have to choose between heating their homes in the winter and eating a nutritious meal.

At a recent conference I attended with the oil and gas industry, it was made abundantly clear that prices for heating our homes and turning our lights on will increase drastically in the not too distant future.

While waiting for provincial initiatives requires endless patience, we believe much can be achieved on a local level. This is why the Sisters of Providence have brought together groups and individuals who can make a difference in our community.

From an initial meeting here at Providence Motherhouse, a working group has been developed that includes staff from Kingston’s department of Social Housing, the Kingston Frontenac Housing Corporation, the Salvation Army, Hearthmakers-an energy co-operative, Utilities Kingston, the Sisters of Providence and others.

Together we are planning on developing a Kingston home renovation program. If we can insulate homes we will be able to help people keep their costs at a reasonable level and in the process we will reduce green house gases and help save the planet.

The good we secure for ourselves is precarious and uncertain until it is secured for all of us and incorporated into our common life.
-Jane Addams, first American Woman to win Nobel Peace Prize