Welcome Ann Boniferro

Ann Boniferro in 2015 being awarded her school board’s Contribution to Catholic Education Award from chair (trustee) Greg Speagle 

The Liturgy team is delighted to announce that Ann Boniferro has signed on as the Director of Liturgical Music, and Organist, filling the special organ shoes left by dear Marg Spooner who passed away this last year. Ann was the choir director and organist at The Church of the Good Thief in Portsmouth before it closed in 2013. She made her way over to the Motherhouse for liturgy and joined the choir two years ago. Now she will direct the Motherhouse choir, take part in the seasonal planning committee and select, prepare and teach music for Sundays, feast days, funerals and seasonal events. Ann also has a day job, at least until school is out. She is the Coordinator of Religious and Family Life Education with the Algonquin and Lakeshore Catholic District School Board, but retires in June. Ann is also an inquirer with the Providence Associates. She and her husband, Rich Bannard, have two adult children.