Congregational Liturgy Committee Statement of Purpose

Mandate as a committee

Statement of Purpose

We believe that liturgy is integrally connected to life. Therefore:

We are committed to
  • Personal and communal growth in and through liturgy
  • Creating and modeling participatory and effective liturgy
  • Being evangelizers through the liturgy
  • Being inclusive and respectful of all who worship here
  • Being witnesses/signs of hope to all
  • Being engaged in the creative tension of different theologies
  • Functioning as a committee in equality, mutuality and synodality
  • Confidentiality
  • Hard work
Our responsibilities include
  • Preparing and designing congregational liturgies
  • Facilitating educational processes that promote the understanding and development of the liturgy
  • Procuring resources that enhance liturgical celebrations
  • Coordinating Sunday, seasonal, and daily liturgical celebrations in the Motherhouse
  • Visioning and planning to form a faith community which is inclusive, welcoming of the marginalized, and a model of good liturgy for the Church
  • Offering hospitality opportunities following liturgies


Members are committed to the Statement of Purpose and are endorsed by the General Superior and Council. Being aware of the contributions new persons can make to the committee, our membership changes according to needs and availability. Consultation with resource persons, e.g. music director, presiders, etc., is ongoing. Each person is a full member of the committee and some carry additional roles, e.g., council liaison, director of pastoral liturgy, and as ex-officio members the sacristan and chaplain(s).

A subcommittee of the Congregational Liturgy Committee, the Seasonal Planning Committee coordinates the preparation of liturgies of particular seasonal feasts and observances (e.g. Paschal and Incarnational Cycles) and may include additional members of the Faith Community.

Current membership includes:
Barbara Baker, PA, Ann Boniferro, Director of Pastoral Liturgy and Music, Catherine Casey, SP, Ed Debono, OFM Conv, Chaplain, Gayle Desarmia, SP, Carol Groten, PA, Frances O’Brien, SP, Council Liaison, Margo Shafer, SP, Sacristan.


~Revised 2022