Testimony: Mr. Ricardo Cordova Ames


My deepest admiration, respect, and congratulations to the Sisters of Providence of St. Vincent de Paul on the 50th Anniversary of their presence in our District. They arrived in December of 1967, with nothing but divine charity, which is a characteristic of the Order of St. Vincent de Paul, and coincided with the changes and reforms of Vatican Council II. These reforms stated that the nuns (as they were called then) without losing the responsibilities and obligations in their convent, “should be interested in human problems and share in the efforts of other Christians to improve the condition in which the poor, the destitute and those who have nothing, live”. 

Being a former Town Councillor and long-time inhabitant here in Carabayllo, I have seen up close their selfless sacrifice, sometimes misunderstood, and their decisive work in the religious, social, cultural, health and educational fields. I have seen them participating actively in the development of the district, especially among the young population. Their presence was well known in popular assemblies, meetings, hearings and marches supporting social justice. Their voice was always felt when it came to defending just causes and the needs of the people.

Thus, I can give testimony that their mission work in the heart of the same people has borne fruit in imperishable works that have taken the young people of Carabayllo down the path of progress, peace and social dignity.