What we offer

The Centre offers many kinds of programs. You are welcome to browse these by type — or go straight to our schedule and see if something suits.


We invite you to make a 7-day virtual directed retreat via Zoom/Skype. In the safety and quiet of your home or a sacred space you have chosen, your director will accompany you for one-on-one sessions each day in listening to the movement/ activity of God’s Spirit in your life.

Note:  Spaces are limited for each retreat.
Cost for a seven-day retreat will be $250.
 All payments by cheque.  Upon confirmation of acceptance please mail to:
Providence Spirituality Centre, P. O. Box 427, Kingston, ON K7L 4W4

Spirituality programs

The Centre offers spiritual programs throughout the year, many of them with a seasonal theme.

Spiritual direction

Spiritual directionis an opportunity to ‘come as you are’ to speak confidentially with a spiritual director who accompanies you on your journey, affirming and encouraging you in your relationship with God and all of creation.

Quiet days

Quiet Days at Providence Spirituality Centre are an invitation to rest in the silence of a sacred space where deep inner peace can be cultivated, nourished and nurtured into blossom.