Aug. 9, 1903 – To Sister from Mother Mary Edward, St. Peter’s Convent, Trenton

St. Peters Convent,
Trenton, Ont.
Aug. 9, 1903
My ever dear little Sister
All your welcome letters were received and read and reread. I only got the glasses yesterday; they will help me I think. My eye has been about as it was when I was in Kingston until last Wednesday it played up again, but not bad like it was other times. The Firemen had a great celebration on Thursday, since Sr. M.J. Vincent says I just had a Fireman’s eye for the occasion. It is all better again, God knows for how long. I am taking the S. of Soda prescribed by you and perhaps that will drive it out of my system. It has been a year for rheumatism so I must take the share of it that the Lord has sent to me. I am sorry that my silence has caused you any anxiety my dear child; that never was my intention. I was delighted to see my two Nuns last night and will be equally glad to have my baby Sister again. If God gives them health, much can be done by my Staff for the greater glory of His Name. Sr. M. Ursula has made me supremely happy by telling me that you are to pay that long looked for visit to Trenton in the near future; every member of this little household will welcome you and dear Sister you know your old Mother too well to doubt of her sincerity in the matter. I know you would not rouse my hopes if you had not some reason to believe that you will come. Our Pastor is absent. We expect him in a week or less; a Lawn Social is to be held on the 12 and he may turn up for that, in the meantime I am turning the bazaar crank; so if you know of any one anxious to aid just let me know. I intended appealing to Mother General but as she is not feeling too well I will wait. I hope her trip to Brockville will benefit her. Sr. M. Philomena has told me how much she suffered. I never knew that she had rheumatism of that nature that is inflamatory; but Sister says she had it in her young days. How many have it now a days. Poor Sister M. Rose of Lima, how often I think of her and pray that God may give her strength to fight the battle courageously, give her my dearest love. Hugh is greatly pleased to know that you remember him; he does not return to College until Sept. 7.Your Missionaries are all nearly gone to their respective places by this time. The Sisters tell me that S. M. Clare is to remain till after the 40 hours. She will enjoy the devotions of that time for she is truly pious and good. We had her trunk sent to Belleville soon after she went to Perth for we thought she might return to Belleville and need her things. Will you ask her to manage some day [to] send us the satchel she took from here,;she will know the reason I ask for it. Sr. M. Xavier could bring it when she comes. Now my beloved Sister I have not made up for all lost time – I am called on, I could continue for today chatting, anyway about the little end of nothing. Love to all My dear Sisters especially to Sr. M. de Chantal; tell her not to mind about missing me. I went to Kingston at a very inconvenient time and so had to get out of it as soon as possible.
Good by dear child. May God forever bless your dear heart and make it like His own.
Ever your own old
Mother Edward
Source: 601.2-1-C, Sister Mary Edward collection, Correspondence series, Letter August 9, 1903, Archives, Sisters of Providence of St. Vincent de Paul.
Catherine McKinley’s Letters

This letter is part of a large database of correspondence written by and to Catherine McKinley, who is considered one of the founders of the Sisters of Providence of St. Vincent de Paul. As a Sister of Providence she was known by her religious name Mother Mary Edward.

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