Jan. 14, 1889 – To Rev. O’Connor, Perth, ON from General Superior Sr. M. Edward, Kingston ON

House of Providence, Kingston
Jan. 14, 1889
Rev. Dean O'Connor
Perth, Ontario
Dear Very Rev. Father,

Your esteemed favor of the 9th inst. I received and I assure you that not only would I willingly give the people of Perth a “rest” but I would gladly spare my poor Sisters the fatigue such work entails, but very dear Rev. Father, you know that the arrangement of an annual collection is not mine; it has been instituted by His Lordship the Bishop as the means proper for the maintenance of the poor aged and infirm men and women of His Lordship’s Diocese who are entrusted to the care of the Sisters of Charity of the House of Providence. I know well that the year has been a hard one on the farmers, but I trust that the aid they give to support those no longer able to care themselves will never be missed.

The Sisters are willing to try and with your good wishes I have no fear that the people of Perth will do less for this House according to their means as they have ever done. Believe me dear Rev. Father, I dislike to trouble you so much about this matter but I will rely on you to be not displeased if I send the Sisters the end of this week, that is if there be snow. At present there is not much here but there is some falling today and as there is a good foundation a little will make capital sleighing. I mention this as in your letter the bad state of the roads was the only reason you assigned for them not going then.

Hoping that you are in the enjoyment of good health and wishing you long years of happiness.

I am dear Very Rev. Father,
Very Respectfully
Sister Mary Edward, Sup. Gen.
Source: 105-C, General Superior's fonds, Correspondence series, Copybook, pp. 91-94, Archives, Sisters of Providence of St. Vincent de Paul.
Catherine McKinley’s Letters

This letter is part of a large database of correspondence written by and to Catherine McKinley, who is considered one of the founders of the Sisters of Providence of St. Vincent de Paul. As a Sister of Providence she was known by her religious name Mother Mary Edward.

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