Sept. 30, 1902 -To Sister, House of Providence, Kingston ON from Mother Mary Edward, St. Peter’s Convent, Trenton ON

St. Peters Convent,
Trenton, Ont.
Sept. 30, 1902
My dear Sister

As I have not heard from you in such a long time. I thought I would drop a line to tell you that the old Mother is still alive and well. I heard yesterday that Mother General was in Perth Sunday; is that so? Something must be on foot surely for the betterment of that Mission. God grant. I had a letter to day from Dot and she told me her Catharine had gone or was going; the poor thing, liberty is sweet. Oh, say did we not enjoy the few minutes our dear Sisters remained with us last Friday but dear, dear the call was so short and my flock had to go to school. Well anyway we were glad to seem them. Poor SMC. looked sick. I wanted so badly to put her to bed and tuck her in for the night but there was not question of that as they said. Mother would expect them that night so away they went Sr. M.P [M. Philomena], Sr. M.S. [M. Stanislaus] and myself watched them as long as we could see the horses. A lady from Picton was here this A.M. and told me that Mother Kearney [M. Presentation] was there; she did not hear who the other one was. I hope if Mother Presentation is there that she will send us a bag or two of apples and potatoes. Now mind I am not joking at all and if Mother was home I would ask her to tell M.P. to do so. You have often heard of hobo turkey, well that is us. Say dearie when the begging comes in I wish you would get me some fine yarn like that that M. Presentation used to be knitting and keep it for me till you get a chance to send it. I have opened a list on the cushion 3 for twenty-five or ten cent a chance. I do this to help the children for they are to have only one day to canvas on it. I have 75 cts. Now, if you or any of the holy Nuns of the Providence want a nice sofa pillow just now is your chance; send on the sheckles and after the bazaar the pillow will go. I bought the lucky one. Perhaps you will not be the lucky one but no matter, your heart will tell you did a good thing in helping out a poor parish priest who has a house full of Nuns to support. I sent you on two nice fellows to day, a priest and a deacon with yards of recommendations and [unclear] galore. As we had nothing and our Pastor absent I told them about Kingston and the H. of P. [House of Providence] in particular so do not be at all surprised if they walk in to you. They are black, greasy looking fellows and I nearly laughed when they both kissed my hand. I thought of Pere Collins. The weather is fine here yet, fine enough to sit out. Sunday we had our feast of the S. Dolors, chicken stew for dinner after which we sat on the veranda and had some candy, if it was not the first class, no matter. After Vespers we played cards and prolonged our recreation till nine when we sang “Holy Mary, Mother Mild” so ended our first Congee in the Mission of Trenton.

How is Father Duffus? Well I hope; he will miss M.P. wont he – we are getting a little elevation made on which to put posies for Oct. Our Oct. will only begin when the Father returns. You see we run all things in the family here just to suit our own convenience. Well I just see your look of despair trying to make out all your old Mother is scribbling and saying to yourself I wish she had something else to do than be bothering me about. Say all that, you will be old and perhaps childish too some day. I intend to keep on tormenting you until some one writes, so make haste and take your pen in hand. Jesting aside I know you are few and the few have much to do; the begging time is always that at home, so do not pay any attention to my complaints, only write when you can. We are all well now; some had colds. I wish when you see the Dr. you would ask him for a prescription that I could get filled here, to have when the Srs have colds. I gave them the two bottles of gin I had and now I have not anything. Good-bye dear good Sister. May every blessing follow in your path through life.

With love to all I am always your old
Mother M. Edward.
Source: 601.2-1-C, Sister Mary Edward collection, Correspondence series, Letter September 30, 1902, Archives, Sisters of Providence of St. Vincent de Paul.
Catherine McKinley’s Letters

This letter is part of a large database of correspondence written by and to Catherine McKinley, who is considered one of the founders of the Sisters of Providence of St. Vincent de Paul. As a Sister of Providence she was known by her religious name Mother Mary Edward.

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